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Monthly Archives: July 2013


HCP 025: 4 Surprising Habits That Boost Creativity

In this episode of The Habit Chef Podcast, you'll discover four surprising ways that you can build your idea muscle and boost creativity. Backed by science, they're all fun too. Listen in, and you’ll learn why creativity is important to your success, how exercise fuels our brains, how simply getting outdoors can free up our mental resources, how you can use daily lists to build your idea muscle, and why reading fiction is a surprising way to stretch your imagination.

KKFM: Story Edition

Two weeks ago, I launched KKFM with themed editions to provide alternative and encouraging media. It comes out every Friday afternoon at 5pm CST because, for many of us, the weekend still represents our best opportunity to move our lives forward. I want you to have a reliable resource for kicking off your most valuable days with inspiring and actionable playlists that fuel the engines of your dreams. This week is all about stories. For many of us, it's precisely what we're missing. We're going through the motions of each day, waiting for a story to choose us. The truth is that we're already living stories, whether we like it or not. If they're boring or negative, we can pick a different one.

Why We're Going to Ride Our Bikes from Oregon to Texas

Next July, we’ll set off on the Monday after WDS from Pioneer Square in Portland, Oregon, and ride our bikes home to Corpus Christi, Texas. It’s about 2,300 miles, and we think it’ll take about a month. In addition to the ride, our goal is to raise $23,000 for charity: water, enough to build a school water project. We're not prepared, and we don't yet have a plan. That's okay. We have something even better - a story.

HCP 024: How To Develop an Accountability Habit

In this episode of The Habit Chef Podcast, we'll explore why accountability is so powerful and the simple ways you can get started using it to propel you forward and keep your momentum. Listen in, and you’ll learn why accountability is an important asset for entrepreneurs and habit-builders, who you should select as an accountability partner (and who you should avoid), what type of accountability structure is most successful, and how you can easily get started.

On Virtues with Benjamin Franklin

Last Thursday, I celebrated the one year anniversary of this Habit Chef Project with a recap of the 32 profiles we've shared. The idea took years to develop, but the initial seed was planted in 2010 when I read The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. I was inspired by the systematic methods he used to improve himself, so it was only fitting that he was the subject of my first profile. It focused on the way he invested in relationships, developed a daily routine, a dutifully tracked his progress towards achieving his goals. In his quest to be a better man each year, Franklin identified 13 virtues that he centered his life around. In the article's comments, Nathaniel Eliason of 52 Weeks of Habits suggested that I share a follow-up article focusing on the virtues he selected. I thought that was a perfectly fitting way to kick off our second year, and we'll start with Ben's own words.

KKFM: Fabulous Families Edition

Lately, we've been talking about the power of propaganda. The academics can debate whether we see 300 or 3,000 commercial messages a day, but we can all agree that it surrounds us. And the effects are usually not positive. Since the bulk of the messages are delivered through our media, that's an excellent place to start fighting back. Last week, I shared the inaugural edition of KKFM, a weekly digest of themed programming designed to help you kick mainstream media to the curb and replace it with positive messages that support your goals. It's a deep dive into why you must choose yourself – and how to do just that. On this week's podcast, I also shared some tips for setting up media systems that support your good choices. This week's edition of KKFM addresses one of the most prevalent myths of our culture - that these travel and unconventional work situations only apply to singles. I want to introduce you to a dozen fabulous families that are living adventurously - together.

What is a Habit Recipe? (And Why You Need One If You Want to Be Free)

Escaping whatever you feel has you trapped won’t make you happy. Making more money, leaving your spouse, quitting your job, or moving to a different city won’t turn your life around. In fact, it will probably make it worse. It’s the same reason most lottery winners and pro athletes are bankrupt after a few years. It’s the same reason divorced people are more likely to get divorced over and over again. It’s the same reason your last few jobs have been miserable and your last several diets have failed. Instead of changing what’s going on around us, we’ve got to get to work changing what’s going on inside us. Freedom isn’t the absence of discipline. It’s having complete trust in your own self-guidance. Unless you can confidently manage yourself, you’ll always look for a boss to tell you what to do. Unless you can trust your financial habits, you’ll never have enough money. Unless you can win the daily battles with procrastination and fear, you’ll always look for ways to escape the regret that plagues you. Unless you are daring to live an adventurous story, you'll feel like life is meaningless and boring. Unless you can select healthy foods that nourish your body, you’ll always be burdened with fatigue and disease. How do we guide ourselves? Through our habits. After reading hundreds of books, I decided that successful people are not much different than you and me - with one exception. In nearly every case, they have purposefully crafted successful habits. They have become Master Chefs, crafting their ideal habit recipes and carefully selecting each ingredient. One year ago, I embarked upon a quest to get 1,000 successful people to reveal their habits. The first 32 include historical figures, a few prominent leaders, lots of friends from WDS and other online circles, a handful of mentors from my local community, my Dad and Nana, and even Jesus. As I study this sampling, five key themes emerge.

HCP 023: 3 Keys to an Intentional Media Diet

In this episode of The Habit Chef Podcast, we'll reveal why junk media is as dangerous as junk food and how we can craft a healthy media diet that's just as convenient. Listen in, and you’ll learn and how your tastes and preferences are shaped by intentional propaganda, why we work so much and still somehow barely get by, why free mainstream media might be dangerous, where we can get positive resources instead, and how to setup our systems to make those choices just as convenient.

On Being a Life Champion with Liza Wisner

Three years ago, I learned of Liza Wisner through her participation in season 10 of The Apprentice. When she returned to Corpus Christi, I enjoyed watching how she utilized her "fame" to serve our community and her native Kenya. We were introduced by a mutual friend and have kept in touch ever since. Often, we make excuses for why we can't pursue our dreams. (I know I have.) "They won't understand." "I can't do that and have a family." "I already have a job - when will I have time to build a business?" I wanted to share Liza's profile because she shatters all of those myths. She reminds me that if you're clear about your goals and willing to work smart - and hard, there's no such thing as impossible. She chooses herself each and every day.

KKFM: Choose Yourself Edition

Last month, I shared what I've discovered about the power of propaganda. In short, it affects us far more than we'd like to think - usually in negative ways. We likely eat more, spend more, watch tv more, and think less. (Or, as Nathan Jurewicz puts it, we're turning into Homer Simpson.) Not good. The first step is to quit drinking from the mainstream media firehose. A quick next step is to find a consistent source of inspiration, encouragement, and actionable information. Over time, I created my personal station to do just that. I call it KKFM, and I try to keep it stocked with fresh content all the time. Several of you mentioned in the survey that you were interested in tuning in too. Today kicks off the inaugural edition of KKFM with a deep dive into why you must choose yourself - and how to do just that. In the past, it was a expressway to success. Now, it's mandatory for survival. (And it's a lot more fun too.)