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Monthly Archives: June 2013


HCP 020: Unveiling a New Success Template with John Dumas

In this bonus episode of The Habit Chef Podcast, we'll share a special interview with creator of the six-figure Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast, John Dumas. He'll share the habits he uses to keep up a daily podcast. Listen in, and you'll learn why a consistent focus on delivering value is most important, how a creative workflow can help you do more in less time, why discipline is so important, how to setup your systems to achieve and maintain momentum, and how to build genuine relationships.

I'm Stuck. Now What?

I'm stuck. My content schedule is a habit profile on Sunday, a podcast on Tuesday (recorded on Monday), and an article on Thursday. Today would be a Thursday, and I've got nothin' in the pipeline. Nothing written, and no solid ideas or drafts. I can feel my brain trying to get in gear, but there's no fuel. So . . . I committed to being authentic and transparent on this journey, and I decided to practice that today. I decided I would just pause and share where I am right this moment, how I got here, and where I'm going next. If you're feeling stuck too, perhaps it will be helpful.

HCP 019: Learning How To Learn

In this episode of The Habit Chef Podcast, you'll hear why much of what we believe about learning is likely wrong. Special guest Timothy Kenny will explain how this happened and reveal which learning habits are most effective.. Listen in, and you'll learn when our institutional learning habits were developed, why they don't serve us well today, what the timeless principles of learning are, how we can easily and simply apply them, and one key learning "hack" that can make a significant impact in one step.

On the Paradox of Success with Laura Harris

One of the things I've learned to treasure most is friends that challenge me - with both their words and their actions. I've learned what a gift it is when someone is courageous enough to lovingly tell me when I'm off track. And I'm also very grateful when they pave the way with their own life and are willing to share their lessons with me. Today, I'm honored to share an interview with one of my personal "Master Chefs." I recognized Laura Harris as a business leader in our community a decade ago. Now, I'm even more inspired by her journey to grow in her faith and leadership. I think you'll appreciate her honesty and candor in revealing her own challenges and how she has worked to overcome them.

The Power of Propaganda – And What We Can Do to Fight It

When I was polishing up our quote story last week, I couldn't help but read the slides over and over again. The ones that struck me most were in the first section. Even though I've been on this journey for several years, the propaganda still gets to me. There are moments where I wonder if I should just give in. Be satisfied with the corporate job, relax at the end of the day with a big plate of nachos, and buy new stuff often enough to keep the endorphins flowing. I've paid my dues, the messages say. I deserve it. And that'll make me happy. But I know that's a lie.

HCP 018: 7 Habits of Leaders that Make a Difference

In this episode of The Habit Chef Podcast, we'll explore the seven key habits of leaders that make a difference and how you can apply them to put your own dent in the universe. Listen in, and you'll learn why leadership is a never-ending journey, why it's so important to reinforce the mission, how to assemble your small army, why you'll want to think big and act small, why you can never stop learning, why you must be willing to be vulnerable, how to share tough love, and why your personal health is so important.

On Intentional Living with my Dad

My Dad was unconventional well before it was cool. He was a "lifehacker" long before the blog was popular. He shrugged off society's institutions a generation before the rest of us realized how broken and unreliable they really were. Dad intentionally carved his own path, willingly sacrificing to remain true to the life he envisioned. Decades before I'd heard the words "lifestyle design," I was learning its principles firsthand. Unfortunately, I was too distracted and naive to realize the power of what I'd seen. It's funny how life cycles that way. I remember vividly rejecting lessons from my parents, only to search for them now. Perhaps one has to realize that chasing "normal" is a miserable path before being willing to cut an alternative one. For this Father's Day, I thought I'd share the three main principles of intentional living that my Dad taught me. Maybe (like me) you're ready to hear them now, or maybe they'll give you the courage to share your own unconventional lessons with your kids.

41 Quotes to Change Your Habits – And Your Life

I've always loved quotes. A few timeless words can tell a very powerful story. For months, I had this vision of telling a story about why habits are so important today - using just quotes. It took me weeks to select the quotes and put them in the right sequence. Then, my daughter found the perfect photos for each one. We used Flickr Creative Commons licensed art so we could feature the work of other awesome artists too. I'm so proud, especially because we did it together. And yet, I'm a little terrified too. Sharing these quotes is like exposing my deepest thoughts. I know many people won't understand why I think this way. But I know a few will, and if that's you, I hope this project speaks right to your soul and inspires you to choose your habits and your life.

HCP 017: 8 Habits I'm Most Thankful for This Year

In this episode of The Habit Chef Podcast, I'll share the 8 habits I'm most thankful for on this birthday. Listen in, and you'll learn how flossing taught me the importance of starting small, why I quit watching television, how juicing helped me break my energy drink addiction, why I work from home on Wednesdays, why my chiropractor and bootcamp membership are so important, why I gave myself a uniform, how I learned to practice honor, and how I finally figured out how to make progress on my own projects.

On Daily Practice with James Altucher

I've been reading his work for over a year. More than anyone else, he inspires me to be real in my writing - to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's hard enough to acknowledge the bad, but seeking the ugly, writing it down, and dealing with it can be excruciating. But there's really no other option, I'm learning. For one, you can't be fake forever. It eventually stops your writing dead in its tracks. Beyond that, if you're using your real name, your online and offline worlds will collide. Meeting people that already know you is interesting enough. Now imagine if they know another you. That's a challenge I don't want to face. So even though we've never met, I'm pretty sure I know the real James Altucher. I know his successes, his failures, his hopes and dreams, and how he's carved an authentic and fulfilling life out of the rigid defaults most of us blindly accept. If you've been reading these profiles for long, you won't be surprised by what he relies on to achieve that unique success: a set of habits he calls the Daily Practice.