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Yearly Archives: 2012


What is HIIT? (And Why You Should Care)

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sounds like something for astronauts. But it's designed for regular people just like me and you. (Astronauts can use it too.) In a nutshell, HIIT workouts pack a lot of benefits in a short amount of time. If you're anything like me, you struggle to find time to exercise. Between work commitments, raising kids, and other projects, personal time is often the first place we cut. Even if we know better. We've got to stop doing that. It's the worst kind of short term thinking, and it harms us and those we love.

Don't Just Sit There

I'll bet each of us spend most of our days doing the exact same thing - sitting. We sit to commute. We sit at our desks. We sit to relax at the end of the day. And it's literally killing us. Study after study has documented the results, and more time at the gym probably won't help either. Thankfully, there are some simple things you can do.

Want to Eat Healthier? I'll Buy Your Family's Groceries for a Month

I'll get right to the point. For one reader, I'll buy your groceries for the month of October - up to $800. There's no catches, fine print, or series of hoops to jump through. For four weeks, I'll reimburse your grocery receipts up to $200. I'll also provide personalized meal plans and weekly coaching. Here's the deal: Too many of us are sick and unhealthy, and it breaks my heart. Just over three years ago, I was there too. My clothes were always too small. I had headaches every afternoon. My digestive system was a mess. Nearly every day, I took some sort of pill to feel better. I never had enough energy to do the things I wanted. Today, I know it doesn't have to be that way - for me or for you.

The Surprising Truths About Networking from Nan Palmero

When I first met Nan Palmero a few years ago, he was helping to launch a new app by literally hosting foursquare games on the sidewalk. We had a blast reliving our playground days that weekend, and now we compete to be "mayor" of Bay Area Fellowship on that same app. I follow his blog to keep up with his latest adventures, whether it's a Chevy Mancation, meeting General Colin Powell, learning to be Wild at Heart at a bootcamp in Hawaii, running marathons, or speaking at his beloved Blackberry conferences. I know it'll always be inspiring.

What Is Paleo?

Let’s start with a phone call that changed my life. “Kendra, I just want to thank you,” she began. “I was so anxious when you had your retreat here in December and wanted those special recipes. I had no idea how to cook them, but we’ve been eating that way ever since, and it’s literally saved my life.” I had no idea how to respond to that. She kept going, “I just got back from my doctor’s office, and he was downright giddy. He shook my hand and told me that he’d never seen results like this before.” The caller was my Mom’s best friend, Vickie. Three months had passed since I’d hosted a planning retreat at her bed and breakfast. I’d asked her to prepare specific recipes for the group. I knew she was amazing in the kitchen, and it never occurred to me that this would be stressful for her. I never saw her sweat, and every dish she prepared was as delicious as I’d imagined. But no one else seemed to take particular interest in their selection, and I’d almost forgotten about our experiment. She hadn’t. Vickie and her husband Marshall have been eating “paleo” ever since. In just a few months, she’d lost over 20 pounds. That wasn’t even the best part.

What Rosa Parks Can Teach Us About Changing the World

As a child growing up in an urban environment, my initial awareness of the civil rights movement was from a purely historical context. My immediate family and neighborhood reflected cultural diversity, and I projected that onto the rest of the world. Acceptance was all I knew. It wasn't until I moved to a rural area that I realized that wasn't the case everywhere. Those experiences in my teenage years both troubled and transformed me into a lifelong student of how societies evolve. Charles Duhigg's recent book The Power of Habit includes a riveting discussion of the role habit plays in successful movements. In the first case study, Duhigg explores the Montgomery Bus Boycott from a fascinating and surpisingly insightful perspective. Rosa Parks was not merely symbolic of a larger movement. She was its epicenter, and quite possibly, one of the few individuals capable of doing so. If not for her actions in the decades previous to her refusal to stand on that December Thursday in 1955, the Montgomery Bus Boycott and its ripple effects might never have happened.

The Simple Way To Be Happier, Healthier, and Wealthier

Most of us have a complicated relationship with sleep, and our cultural norms don't help either. It's common practice to share with friends and coworkers about how little sleep we can function on. Often, we wear the martyr badge proudly, sharing the sacrifice we're making in support of a nobler goal. Would we do the same if we'd been out drinking? Probably not. But the effects are nearly identical and sometimes worse. That's right. If you've had less than four hours sleep for a few nights in a row, you might as well be drunk. You're functionally intoxicated. Ouch. Let's set our beer goggles aside for a bit and focus on a few other myths.

On Being a Superhero with David Crandall

I have a soft spot for superheroes. From Rainbow Brite to Inspector Gadget and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I grew up believing that they could save the world. Now, I know that all of us have superpowers - but not all of us claim and use them. We need to change that. I first discovered David Crandall when his Anti-Resume Manifesto went viral. When a casual Twitter post mentioned that he was accepting new clients, I jumped at the chance to work with him on a key presentation. Somewhere along the way, I realized that his superpowers were, in fact, real. His x-ray vision and telepathy have pulled project ideas from within our team that we didn't even know existed. And he's certainly consumed all that's written about our organization's history in the few short months we've been working together.

Learn How To Be Everywhere with Sarah Zink

If there’s anyone I know that lives up to Pat Flynn’s advice to “be everywhere,” it’s Sarah Zink. I decided to catch up with her and find out how she balances it all. Today, we’ll uncover how she juggles so many projects without ever seeming to drop a ball. Learn how Sarah hits the ground running and knocks out her most important items before most of us eat breakfast. She also reveals her systems and strategy for juggling a daily radio show, launching an online network, writing a book, consulting, and enjoying life.

Dare To Be a Light in the World: 10 Habits That Matter

Do you believe that you were put on this earth for a reason? I do. I believe that if you’re alive to read this, you still have a mission to accomplish. You may not realize it, but you have a light to shine. Without it, someone else lives in the dark. But many of us aren’t shining very brightly. Stress and health problems dominate our lives. Overflowing inboxes and paperwork paralyze us. Incessant entertainment crowds out any original thoughts. A plethora of surface relationships prevent us from having deep, meaningful ones. We’ve dimmed our lights because we can’t overcome the challenges of modern life. We barely have enough energy to get ourselves through another day, much less empower someone else. It doesn’t have to be that way.