One month ago, I lost one of my mentors. She’d guided me for more than half my life. The finality of our last conversation replayed over and over in my mind. Thankfully, it was an encouraging one, symbolic of our relationship. I cried harder than I have in years.

In the days after, I realized something even more painful: This was likely only the first.

Obviously, most of my mentors are older than me. And many of them are struggling with their health. Selfishly, I want them to get better. I want to enjoy several more decades of their friendship and leadership. They’ve helped me through several difficult stretches, and I want to celebrate the other side of that together.

I also know that I’m not alone.

I know that you want those you love to be healthier, and that you want to set a good example for those who love you.

More than that, I’ve made the journey myself.

Just over three years ago, I was there too. My clothes were always too small. I had headaches every afternoon. My digestive system was a mess. Nearly every day, I took some sort of pill to feel better. I never had enough energy to do the things I wanted.

Like an explorer without a map, I stumbled frequently and often found myself in uncharted territory. Through trial and error, I discovered what worked for me and my family, and eventually my friends. In the years since, I’ve been able to back up my experiences with scientific research and case studies.

I’m confident that what I know will be “common sense” in a decade or so. There’s just too much evidence to be ignored for much longer.

But I’m not willing to wait. Too many of us are sick and unhealthy, and it breaks my heart.

Today, I’m launching the Healthy Together Coaching Program.

For the next four weeks, it’s completely free. All you need to do is register by Saturday.

Here’s an introduction and overview of the program.

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

You’ll get specific tips for getting started, a four week plan for eating healthier, as well as a community of friends embarking on the same journey.

Ready to get started?

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