Lately, we’ve been talking about the power of propaganda. The academics can debate whether we see 300 or 3,000 commercial messages a day, but we can all agree that it surrounds us. And the effects are usually not positive.

Since the bulk of the messages are delivered through our media, that’s an excellent place to start fighting back.

Last week, I shared the inaugural edition of KKFM, a weekly digest of themed programming designed to help you kick mainstream media to the curb and replace it with positive messages that support your goals. It’s a deep dive into why you must choose yourself – and how to do just that. On this week’s podcast, I also shared some tips for setting up media systems that support your good choices.


This week’s edition of KKFM addresses one of the most prevalent myths of our culture – that these travel and unconventional work situations only apply to singles.

I want to introduce you to a dozen fabulous families that are living adventurously – together.

The point isn’t that we should all pack our suitcases (or diaper bags), but that there are many more variations on family life than we usually think possible. Perhaps one of these stories will inspire you to start your own unconventional family project or experience the next adventure together. Think of each of these links as a rabbit hole you’re free to fall down.


photo credit: happy katie