celebrateHave you ever been thrown off track by something you thought would be positive?

I’ve certainly experienced that over the last couple of months.

An opening in the leadership position at Port Royal caused me to rethink the trajectory of my role. After some evaluation, I decided to submit a plan to fill the gap and provide leadership for the next few years. An intensive interview processed ensued, and I was selected. Then the virtual can of worms exploded …

Combining the inherent intensity of a leadership transition with an annual owners’ meeting and unexpected turnover in a key position led to weeks of feeling like I was being tossed by the waves and barely keeping my head above water. Eventually, we got enough key people and processes in place, and the intensity began to subside.

Only then did I begin to make sense of what I’d experienced, how I should learn from it, and what I could share with you. In this episode of the Habit Chef Podcast, we’ll uncover a surprising source of disruption and how to prevent it from derailing your progress.

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Listen in, and you’ll learn:

  • How to recognize overwhelm
  • How to assess what’s actually changed
  • Why you should revisit your schedule
  • Why you’ll probably need to update your accountability partners
  • How to reconnect with your why

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