habitchef-podcast-logoIn this episode of The Habit Chef Podcast, we’ll explore the four steps to measuring your progress so you’ll know when to celebrate or shift gears. If you’ve ever wondered when it’s time to pat yourself on the back or switch to Plan B, this show is for you. And if you listen to the end of the episode, I have a special challenge to help you finish 2013 strong and tackle a big goal.

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Listen in, and you’ll learn:

  • How to gauge how well you’re doing
  • How to decide when to move on to the next goal
  • Why you likely need to commit longer
  • Why you’ll accomplish more by focusing on the process, not the event or result
  • How to know when to celebrate
  • When to measure your progress

Notes from this Episode:

Step One – Commit longer.

  • 100 days is usually about right, long enough for compounding effects and short enough to have 3 cycles within a year.
  • Requires us to be smarter about our goals and think sustainably.

Step Two – Focus on the process, not the event or result.

Step Three – Celebrate the streak.

  • Use a wall calendar or tool such as Lift to track your progress every day.
  • Focus on one X at a time, and don’t break the chain.

Step Four – Compare measurements.

  • At pre-determined milestones, review the numbers to evaluate your progress.
  • Use the feedback to tweak your strategy.


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