I’ve shared before about how I sometimes feel like God talks to me in stereo, using the people around me to repeat a similar message over and over again.

I suppose he knows better than anyone that I need to be a better listener. This time, though, I think I did catch on relatively quickly. 😉

Here’s how Habit Helper came to be (and what it is).

During January and February, I began to understand what value I had to offer. My crazy life experiences have taught me how to withstand chaos and uncertainty and still forge ahead. I realize that I’m here to serve people that want to live with purpose and make a difference in our world. Along that journey, they’ll sometimes get stuck,  overwhelmed, or frustrated because they can’t do more. When that happens, I’m here to help them get back on track and upgrade their personal systems so that they can keep moving forward.

Two weeks ago, we were fortunate enough to spend some extended time with Melissa and AJ Leon. Just being around them is inspiring. It’s clear they value their one and only life together and want to live as meaningfully as possible. Everything they do is aligned with having a positive impact on their tribe. That word stuck in my mind for days – impact. Over the next few days, I scribbled pages and pages of notes of the different ways I could focus on that.

Then, last Saturday, I waited in line for over two hours to talk to Gary Vaynerchuk for a few minutes. That might sound like a sacrifice on my part, but it pales in comparison to his willingness to stay for over five hours and talk with every single person that wanted to see him. As he told me, “Giving is my priority. I don’t believe that I can get until I have given enough, and I always look for ways to do that.” That challenged me to think about giving in a different way – as an integral component to business, not as a purely personal endeavor.

On Monday afternoon, I opened an email with Chris Guillebeau’s latest blog post – a challenge to help someone for free for his experiment of scaled generosity. As I read it, I knew instantly what I had to do.

Those key conversations and months of thinking merged together to birth a service that would provide free, personalized habit coaching for anyone that needed it.


Here’s how it works. It’s super simple.

Just go to the Habit Helper page, and you’ll see this form.


Share as much as you’d like, and I’ll respond within 3 days with a personalized answer.

I’ll include:

  • advice about how you might get unstuck or move forward
  • links to specific tools or resources
  • links to relevant articles and information

If you had unlimited time to research and experiment, you could probably find all of this on your own. The value I’m offering is the opportunity to jump right to a potential solution by leveraging the thousands of hours I’ve invested in learning this stuff – sometimes the hard way. (Hopefully you can skip that too!)

So, if you’ve got an area where you could use some habit help, click here to get started.