Home-Based Business ExpoI’m thrilled that you’ve decided to choose yourself and build a business (or two). I’m delighted to help you in any way I can.

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Slide Resources:

My AHA Moment: January 16, 2012

How to Jumpstart Yourself

You Have a Superpower

Old: Motivation –> Action
New: Habit –> Action

How to Motivate Yourself Every Day

Successful People Have Successful Habits

Personal Habit Recipe = Real Freedom

What is a Habit Recipe?

The Surprising Secret to Finding Freedom

Plan/Structure > Willpower

Willpower Is Worthless

HCP 014: Overcoming Decision Fatigue with Simple Habits

Consistency > Bursts

 The Daily March


How to Change a Habit

HCP 003: Building Your Habit Snowball

How to Break a Bad Habit

Which habits matter?

HCP 005: Do Habits Really Matter?

HCP 015: 4 Essential Habits for Getting Things Done

1. Define your workday and your workspace.

 HCP 001: The Power of a Proactive Schedule

2. Set priorities for each day.

HCP 002: Finding Your 20 Mile March

Suggested Apps:

Drafts / Evernote

Remember the Milk


3. Review your key metrics each week.

Does Your Business Have Bad Habits?

What My Weekly Review Looks Like

4. Establish accountability partners.

Bumper Bowling for Your Life

5. Nourish your mind.

The Power of Propaganda

HCP 023: 3 Keys to an Intentional Media Diet

HCP 019: Learning How to Learn

6. Take care of your health.

HCP 008: Surprising Health Habits That Can Change Your Life