I can’t explain it, but I can feel it.

There’s a tremendous resistance when I try to make progress in certain directions.

For several weeks, I was even aware enough to identify it, but it still blocked my progress. And then on Thursday, I awoke to a thunderous crack in that wall of resistance.

It’s still there, but I’m tearing it down a bit every day.

Today, I communicated some difficult information, straightforward and unapologetically. Previously, I’d have worried about it for days. Not this time. Once I’d done it, I felt another tiny crack emerge.

And I’m already identifying my challenge for tomorrow.


If you’d like to help me chip away, there’s still time to sign up to be my accountability partner. Next weekend, I’m committed to writing my first sales letter, a challenge I’ve turned back from dozens of times. I’m hoping to have 100 people sign up, forcing me to pay $500/day if I’m late. By amplifying the consequences, I think I can tip the scales just enough.