Chalk it up to ADD or a bad habit of multitasking, but my brain often resembles a hound on a walk through the park. Squirrel! Another one – over there! Look!

To get back on track, I must eliminate those squirrels. Mentally, I’ll tell myself that it’s time for a hunt.

Here’s my three step approach:

1. Quit feeding them.

Social media and the web are like the tasty acorns, attracting lots of squirrels. Sometimes I just have to turn off the food supply, signing off and closing those browser windows. If it’s really intense, I’ll even use Concentrate.

2. Take targeted shots.

Shotgun blasts won’t help here; there’s often a lingering project or two that’s nagging at me. Whether it’s a messy desk or an incomplete report, the best strategy is usually just to get it done.

3. Look for the lion.

The distractions could be causing me to overlook the real project that’ll eat my lunch if I turn my back for too long. To find it quickly, I use detailed plans and lists. Between my daily plan, Remember the Milk, or Asana, I leave strong clues to the trail that I should be following.