Tony-Stubblebine-200x300In this episode, I’m delighted to share a conversation with LIFT App CEO and Co-Founder, Tony Stubblebine. He’ll share powerful insights on behavior design and how you can apply those principles in your own life. In particular, Tony explains the science behind why resolutions don’t last, and where you can focus instead that will have a lasting impact.

You’ll hear how Tony and his team have masterfully taken the best research concepts and applied them to science and technology to create a resource that is simply life-changing.

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Listen in, and you’ll learn:

  • Why behavior design is so important
  • How BJ Fogg’s B=MAT framework can be applied
  • Why New Year’s resolutions usually don’t work
  • What proven steps you can take to make changes that stick

Click here to visit Lift’s How to Meditate page with free guided meditations.

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