Here are some insightful readings from the past week to check out:

15 Excellent Corporate Blogs to Learn From – This excellent article dissects and recommends features from a variety of blogs that can be helpful when beginning or revamping your own blog. From blog design to keeping your readers interested to promotions, their insights are very valuable, particularly for companies.

Five or Less Words To The Wise – In standard Tom Peters’ fashion, this is a list of phrases, all five words or less, that are integral to any vocabulary. Sometimes, as Tom insists, less is more.

5 Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your Email Newsletter – Everyone knows that it isn’t necessarily your being a great writer that compels people to read your work. Even history’s most esteemed authors have fallen victim to their fair share of criticism. This article shows five mistakes many online newsletter writers make that can cause their readers to just move on.

Sharpen Your Pencil – I love articles that take simple concepts and make them new and eye-opening. The practice of following through on what you know you need to do to reach a goal is a no-brainer, but that is always easier said than done. This article reminds us all that a little commitment can go a long way.

How to Build It Before You Need It, Every Day – In the age of MySpace, Facebook, tweets, texts, and pics, keeping in contact with others is a constant practice. However, these forms of communication don’t always allow for face to face interaction and the building of deep relationships. This article blends technology and the ancient art of friendship to remind us all that it is your friends, not faceless followers, who will keep you up when you’re down.

Know of any other articles we shouldn’t miss? Be sure to share them below.