Here’s some more great readings from the past week to check out:

Digital Church – Brogan’s article about reminded me of my church (Bay Area Fellowship), and how it uses the latest technology to share the message of Christ. This all online church even has music as it begins and conveniently has a chatroom to discuss the message as well as a feature for prayer requests. I really believe there’s a church for everyone. If you haven’t found yours yet, this could be it.

Advertise your Competitors to Gain Credibility – This article highlights an uncommon, but effective approach: advertising your competitors as a comparison even if they have a better deal. It’s a great example of developing a brand and making it recognizable through usefulness and transparency.

Generous People Have More to Give – I love the message of this post. I’ve never regretted being too nice to someone, but I have definitely looked back on ways I’ve treated people and wished I had been nicer or treated them better. I think that when you’re a generous and courteous person, you’re more likely to be surrounded by those who will return the favor.

Why Personal-Finance “Experts” Continue Giving Worthless Advice – Ramit’s article shares what many people who understand finance wish they could say. There are a million books on finance out there that tell us why we should do this or do that, and very few that tell us how to do it simply. The plain truth is that it’s the minority that is interested in learning about finances; most people only want to figure out how to fix things.

Know of any other articles we shouldn’t miss? Be sure to share them below.