Here are some of my favorite reads from last week:

Review of the iPad for Traveling – Apple has already sold over 3 million iPads, and that number is only growing. In most places, stores can’t even keep them in stock as they go too fast. As an iPad owner who also has the travel bug, I found Christine’s review to be quite accurate in both its compliments and criticisms. In short, it’s fabulous for consuming information, but not quite as handy for producing it (beyond capturing thoughts in Evernote).

How do you treat junior people? – This article definitely has something to say about the behavior of many professionals of today, both young and old. Far too often, people are blatantly rude to others when they believe there will be no repercussion for their actions. Not only is this assumption false, but this article makes a great point by recognizing tests that companies use to decide the fate of a potential employee. This article is a great reminder that the Golden Rule always applies.

A Half Hour of Exercise Can Boost Creativity for Hours – Plenty of people think of the shower as their number one thinking spot, as they also manage to go through the routine of ‘lather. rinse. repeat. etc…’ As an avid runner, I have found there is no setting better for ideas both productive and creative than running through my neighborhood where all I have to remember is how to put one foot in front of the other. And I’m glad to know that science now agrees.

Know of any other articles we shouldn’t miss? Be sure to share them below.