There’s lots of great writing out there, and I thought I’d share my favorites from last week.

TEDWomen: Brilliant or Belittling by The BrandForward Blog – I was traveling the day this post went up, so I didn’t get a chance to read it until early evening. By then, the debate was in full gear, and I enjoyed the comments as much as the original post. It’ll definitely get your mental gears turning.

You Dont Have to Start Google to Earn Money on the Side by Ramit Sethi – I really enjoyed this article because Ramit shares my philosophy of broadening the definition of entrepreneurship. It’s more about focusing on gaining freedom and options than a strict definition of business-building.

3 Lists Every Entrepreneur Must Make by The Rise to the Top – Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, this great post explains why focusing on your strengths is key to success. And it also offers a great framework for thinking in this direction.

Social Media Roundup: 07/19/10 by Holly Hoffman – If you’re interested in social media, dont miss my business partners roundup of the best articles of last week.

Know of any other articles we shouldnt miss? Be sure to share them below.