My journey has been blessed by amazing resources and mentors, and I wanted to share the best stuff with you too.

Guides and Courses

Unconventional GuidesIf you love life in a cubicle, these aren’t for you. If you’ve got a non-conformist bone or two, this stuff will rock your world. My personal faves are the Empire Building Kit and the Frequent Flyer Master.


Ever wanted a second brain? Consider the wish granted. Evernote Essentials will show you how to remember everything, almost effortlessly.


Books = Shortcuts

If I’m a collector of anything, it’s books. They can be found in pretty much every room of my house and in every office where I spend any time. Not to mention the backpacks and Kindles . . .

Looking for a great new read? Here are some of my favorites.


After decades of avoiding the kitchen, I became a foodie in December 2010. Now, I love discovering a paleo twist on an original.

Here are some delicious, healthy recipes that have changed my life.