Maybe it’s the time of year or our recent discussions about raises and pay equity. I’ve really been paying attention to this topic lately.

In general, I think it’s healthy to always ask for feedback and let folks know that you’re always looking to grow. There is one way to fail before you even get started, and I’m still surprised at the number of people that use this approach.

Let’s talk about pie.

We all want more pie, and we have some choices about how to get it.

1. We can steal our neighbor’s pie – or guilt him into giving us a piece.

2. We can work harder to make more pie for ourselves.

3. We can develop a system that makes pie so that everyone around us gets more pie.

Here’s the results of each of those.

1. You might get some pie right now, but you’ve pretty much eliminated this as a future option for more pie.

2. You’ll get more pie for more efforts.

3. This approach almost always ensures that you never run out of pie.

There is plenty of pie. It’s your choice about how to get more.