joe_bauerI met Joe Bauer last July on a cargo boat headed for the island of Oriental Mindoro in the Philippines. With a dozen other entrepreneurs from around the world, we were gathering in Puerto Galera for a business bootcamp led by the folks at Tropical MBA. Because of monsoons and flooding, our journey had become even more of an adventure than we expected.

As the only two paleo devotees in the group, we faced similar challenges at mealtimes. Once the weather cleared, we began venturing into the primitive gym in town to keep up our daily workouts. Over time, it was clear that Joe had a very unique approach for achieving excellence in his health and his businesses.

Because so many of us struggle to find that balance, I thought you’d enjoy hearing exactly how Joe does it.

Joe, it’s great to catch up again. Thanks so much for letting me share your story. To get started, it’s helpful to understand how you define success.

I think the ultimate definition of success is being able to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want. On a smaller scale I believe that you’re being successful when you’re challenging yourself to be better everyday. This may not mean that you’ve reached your ultimate goals, but you’re living as a successful person lives.

Was there a time when you had a different definition? What changed that?

There was. From the time that I was pretty young, to about the age of 26 or 27, I thought that success was having a secure job that paid well, and being in a healthy relationship. I reached that definition of success when I was working at a highly respected (country club like) fitness center in Rockefeller Center. What I realized was that I was trapped into spending the majority of my time working. And if I wanted to travel, or recharge my batteries by taking time away from that work, my pay immediately stopped. Everyone that I knew called it success, but I was unhappy, and felt stuck. That’s when I started researching other definitions of success. The first book that changed my thinking was Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Can you describe a typical day in your life?

My days are very structured. I like structure because you are able to adjust (or change) one aspect of your life and see if the result is positive or negative.

My typical day looks like:

8am – Wake up

Drink 40 ounce of water

Make bulletproof coffee or tea

Shower, brush teeth, etc.

9am – Sort email using Getting Things Done method

9:30am – Practice copywriting via CopyHour for 1 hour (this could change depending on the skill I’m learning at the time)

10:30am – Eat 6 eggs, 4 cups spinach, cooked in coconut oil

11am – Work on weekly project (right now this is email conversions for real estate sites, or building fitness membership site)

12:30am – Head to CrossFit gym and workout for 1.5-2 hours

3pm – Post workout shake

3:30pm – Answer emails

4pm – Eat about .6 pounds of ground beef and veggies

4:30pm – Work on weekly project

7pm – Eat about .6 pounds of ground beef, veggies, and bag of sweet potato chips

7:30pm – Coach CrossFit class

9pm – Head home

9:30pm – Eat large salad with chicken (or steak), and a sweet potato with grass fed butter

11pm – Meditate, visualize business and fitness outcomes, sleep

* Throughout the day I also eat copious amount of almonds. I never leave home without them.

** Total water consumption is around 160 ounces.

I believe that almost everything in my daily routine is a habit at this point. That might sound boring, but look at all the different things I do. It’s really pretty awesome, and I love it! But if I had to choose one or two habits that are the most important to my success, I think the habit of eating the same thing everyday, and working out are my most valuable habits. A lot of times people treat food as simply emotional fulfillment. They get hungry, and it makes them feel better, or tastes good. The truth is, our bodies don’t know the difference between the foods that we eat and drugs/pills that we pop. So, if we start really tracking how the food that we eat makes us feel, we can make some drastic improvements on energy level, mood, and performance. You’ll also notice that I don’t eat any grains. If you’re going to take only one thing from everything that I’ve said, eliminating grains from your diet will make the biggest impact on energy and performance, period. Not to mention you’ll probably drop a bunch of body fat. Most people don’t mind that side effect… 🙂

I love how precisely you’ve outlined your schedule. I think what’s particularly unique is how you cycle your business and health activities throughout the day. Can you tell us a little more about why you do that and how it’s beneficial?

For me it’s all about feeling good, so I’ve designed my life around my most productive activity times.  My first couple of hours after waking are my best creativity hours, and my best workout energy is in the afternoon (after 1-2 meals).  Everything else just falls into place.

Awesome. Thanks so much for those insights. Are there any other habits you’re working to develop next?

The habits that I’m really focusing on putting into my routine right now are practicing my copywriting and doing some kind of mobility for my body everyday. Building my brain and taking care of my body!

Still maintaining that balance between health and wealth, even in your learning. Thanks so much for sharing so much detail about the way you’ve organized your life. I believe we can all learn something from your unique schedule for success.


Joe Bauer is is a health and wealth entrepreneur with over 3 years of real estate investing experience and 9 years in the health and fitness industry. He started his real estate career buying, fixing, and renting residential properties in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. After a recent move back to his home town of Seattle, Joe co-founded Seattle Real Estate Investing, LLC. Joe’s true passion is helping others achieve ultimate health and wealth outcomes, and he does so by providing industry leading education to all that have the drive to succeed. You can connect with him at