Something happens when you get out of your head and put your pen to paper. Your dreams begin to take shape. The impossible becomes possible.

A friend of mine created The Impossible League to encourage all of us to do just that  – to start living and doing, instead of just dreaming or talking.

Here are the ground rules:

1. It’s Not About Us

We know the best way to spread ideas is to help others. Getting what we ultimately want is best done by genuinely helping others. We know life is a marathon, not a sprint and short term gains aren’t worth sacrificing the long term goal. When we build our foundation around genuinely helping, others we’re able to set up the most people for success.

2. We Tell Great Stories With Our Lives By What We Do

We know our lives are a story and there’s no point in living out a story that you’d be bored to death reading. We no there are no good stories about people who did what they were always supposed to do (unless those people are robots and the story is about the end of the world – either way it doesn’t end well). We focus our actions around crafting what we can in the story we’re in with the things we got and refuse to believe the end is already written.

3. We Know There Is No Such Thing As “Good Excuse”

If we don’t really want to do something, we admit it, but there’s no need to deny it . We know that life is short and there’s no excuse to not do something amazing. We might be able to make up all the excuses in the world, but that doesn’t mean any of them are good. Excuses are like obstacles, they might exist but we will find a way around them.

4. Doing > Talking.

‘Nuff said.

5. We Know Most People Don’t Really Fail, They Just Give Up Too Soon

Persistence alone will outlast even the strongest competitor. Endurance lasts. We know we can beat most people simply by wanting it more. We’re able to do most things just by sheer persistence. When other people go home, we keep going. We don’t give up. We never give up.

6. We Are Never Finished

Good enough isn’t. We want to be great. We want to live amazing lives. There’s time to reflect and enjoy and that’s part of life, but we also know that if we’re not actively growing, learning or stretching ourselves, we’re moving backwards.

7. Impossible

The impossible isn’t. Impossible is just a word most people use to describe things they’re scared to bring into existence. It’s an artificial barrier we put up to keep us from living an amazing life and doing what we really want to do. Once we get past that word, we realize that, like Walt Disney said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

I’m in. Here’s my Impossible List.

How about writing yours? I’d love for you to share a link to your List in the comments. Or join us in the League.