habitchef-podcast-logoIn this episode of The Habit Chef Podcast, I’ll share an interview with Matt Kress about developing solid habits for building healthy relationships. Like me, if you’ve ever felt awkward at a conference or weren’t sure how to follow up with someone you met, this episode is just for you.

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Listen in, and you’ll learn:

  • How we can use habits to help us connect with people
  • Which simple action is the most effective habit for building relationships
  • How free tools can help us keep track of useful and interesting articles
  • Why preparing and connecting before a conference is helpful
  • What to do after a conference to build strong relationships

Notes from this Episode:

The Most Basic Habit: Reach out to one person each day.

  • Focus on being useful and interesting.
  • When you do make a request, be direct and clear.
  • Share relevant articles by organizing them with Pocket.
  • Get reminders of who you should contact by tracking them with Relate.ly.

Make the most of conferences and events by having a strategy.

  • Pre-conference: Decide who you want to meet and reach out before the event.
  • During: Use your research to start relevant conversations and ask “who else should I meet?”
  • After: Stay in contact every 3-4 days for the next 3 weeks to solidify the relationship.
  • For more specifics, download Matt’s free Conference Cheat Sheet.


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