In this episode of The Habit Chef Podcast, you’ll discover why you don’t need willpower and instead, how to use 5 simple strategies for creating new habits.

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More specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Why willpower doesn’t work, or causes more problems
  • How to add momentum to your habit snowball
  • How to apply Proverbs 4:26 that tells us to “make level paths for our feet”
  • How to feel like your snowball is rolling downhill

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Episode Notes:

To prepare for your habit snowball, clear the path.

1. Remove temptations and obstacles.

2. Be specific and focus directly on your habit, not other details.

3. Play the movie to anticipate problems before they arise.

Once you’ve cleared the path, now you can push your snowball downhill.

4. Set the trigger to take advantage of habits you already have. (trigger ideas)

5. Decide how you’ll celebrate.


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