We all have work clutter that builds up each week.

Don’t leave it for Monday morning. You’ll sleep a whole lot better if you dedicate an hour tonight (and every Sunday).

Sort your email.

– Unsubscribe or filter the junk.
– Respond to the easy ones.
– Capture the tasks needed. Remember the Milk or Asana is perfect for this.

Go through your briefcase/backpack/laptop bag.

– Review the files that were important enough to bring home.
– Capture the tasks needed in the same system as above.

Go through your desktop or download folder.

– File the important documents by project or client so you can find them next time.
– Save the reference info in Evernote.
– Delete the rest.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, go ahead and plan the major “rocks” of your week.

– Block out critical meetings or appointments.
– Make a list of your Active Projects, and schedule a time for the main Next Action on each.
– Identify any conflicts early and adjust accordingly.