It’s complete!

My first eBook, The Ultimate Lifestyle Redesign, is available today for free download. It’s all yours. Download it. Read it. Share it. (And let me know what you think.)

The best roadmap for redesigning our lives has existed for centuries. I learned that lesson the hard way so that you wouldn’t have to. Looking back, it almost seems surreal. At first, I hesitated to tell my story because it meant admitting how bad things were. But now I know that I was allowed to experience a miracle so that I could confidently tell you that there’s no problem too big to overcome.

Ready to design the life you’ve always dreamed of? Download the e-book now, and get started.

(Also, please help me thank Chelle Yarbrough of Port Aransas Web Design for her tremendous help in getting this project completed. It’s quite amazing what she can create from some simple text. And it’s been a dream for a long time. You can’t know how much I appreciate her help in making it a reality.)