When we’re just getting started, focusing on the trivial details is often just another method of procrastination. Instead of doing work that matters, we worry about stuff that doesn’t.

Before this month, this was a huge obstacle for me when it came to writing. I would worry about having the perfect environment with just the right amount of background noise. I’d doubt my ability to write at the end of the day. I’d even research the best software for facilitating writing or go to “meetups” with other writers to learn helpful tips.

Details: 100

Writing: 0

Then I just decided to write SOMETHING every day. 28 days later, this blog has 28 posts. (One was about 12 hours late.)

I’ve worried very little about focusing on my audience, planning ahead, or crafting headlines. I don’t regret it one bit.

Details: 0

Writing: 100

Today, it struck me that I’m settling.

I’ve mastered the basic level, replacing my internal script that told me I couldn’t write.

To get to the next level, I’ll need to think more about the details. I’m up for that.

What about you? Are there any areas where you’re hanging out in the comfort zone?