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Peak Performance

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HCP 037: How to Keep a Big Win from Becoming a Loss

Have you ever been thrown off track by something you thought would be positive? I've certainly experienced that over the last couple of months. An opening in the leadership position at Port Royal caused me to rethink the trajectory of my role. After some evaluation, I decided to submit a plan to fill the gap and provide leadership for the next few years. An intensive interview processed ensued, and I was selected. Then the virtual can of worms exploded ... Combining the inherent intensity of a leadership transition with an annual owners' meeting and unexpected turnover in a key position led to weeks of feeling like I was being tossed by the waves and barely keeping my head above water. Eventually, we got enough key people and processes in place, and the intensity began to subside. Only then did I begin to make sense of what I'd experienced, how I should learn from it, and what I could share with you. In this episode of the Habit Chef Podcast, we'll uncover a surprising source of disruption and how to prevent it from derailing your progress.

Tiny Habits Add Up to Big Changes

Instead of recording my own podcast for today, we decided to turn the tables. Lisa Goodgame interviewed me for the Women. Connected. podcast by TBW. Listen in, and you'll hear about the power of intention, why making one change at a time can be incredibly important, how technology can support building and maintaining effective habits, how to mimic systems that work for others to build your own structure, and why a laptop bag is the most important work accessory you need. If you listen to the end of the episode, you'll notice that I made a specific recommendation about how to improve your habits. Today, I decided to take it a step further.

On Building a System of Inspiration with Meron Bareket

In another interview edition of the podcast, you'll hear about the habits Meron Bareket uses to build a system of inspiration, for himself and his audience. Listen in and you'll learn who inspired him and why he decided to build a business that inspired others, how he uses affirmations and a specific morning routine to get a good start each day, how he plans his days in pomodoros, why he manages his inputs precisely, and how he uses a 'commander's intent' mindset to ensure success.

On Failure and Feeling Like a Fraud

Things are different, so this monthly report will be too. For most of August (and July, truthfully), I struggled. Every meal was a battle, and I was rarely victorious. My sleep was limited, and my intensity lagged during my workouts. Looking back, the reasons are obvious. But at the time, it made me feel like a fraud. How could I write and coach people about healthy habits when mine were a mess? I quickly decided that the only thing I could do was simply tell the truth and be vulnerable. Anything less was paralyzing. Then, a funny thing happened. My Tribe reminded me about what else was going on in my life and how that affects my habits, particularly the personal health ones. They read back what I'd shared when they were tackling tough projects. It all made sense.

HCP 032: 4 Healthy Steps to Measure Your Progress

In this episode of The Habit Chef Podcast, we'll explore the four steps to measuring your progress so you'll know when to celebrate or shift gears. If you've ever wondered when it's time to pat yourself on the back or switch to Plan B, this show is for you. And if you listen to the end of the episode, I have a special challenge to help you finish 2013 strong and tackle a big goal. Listen in, and you’ll learn how to gauge how well you're doing, how to decide when to move on to the next goal, why you likely need to commit longer, why you'll accomplish more by focusing on the process, not the event or result, how to know when to celebrate, and when to measure your progress.

On Redefining Success with Joshua Becker

I discovered minimalism by accident when I figured out that traveling is tons more fun with just a backpack. Then my husband and I realized the same principle applies to our "regular" life as well, so when we moved recently, we brought less than half of our stuff. One of our guiding lights in this process has been Joshua Becker. We were fortunate enough to meet Joshua at SXSW this year and visit again on our recent trip to Portland. I've been inspired by how he's united his family in escaping the typical consumer treadmill. But I was astounded to learn that he's built his platform and written a best-selling book - all while serving his community as a full-time pastor. Today, I'm thrilled to share his powerful insights and wisdom.

On Living Like You Were Dying with Mike Hrostoski (with bonus podcast)

Today, I'm excited to share a special habit profile and interview with Mike Hrostoski. On June 4, 2011, Mike's life changed dramatically with the loss of his mother and the discovery of a new tribe. Over the last two years, he has transformed from a frustrated Fortune 50 executive to someone that lives exactly as he would if he only had 30 days left. Even though Mike is a men's coach and focused on being location independent, he shares several principles that can we can all apply to live better.

HCP 025: 4 Surprising Habits That Boost Creativity

In this episode of The Habit Chef Podcast, you'll discover four surprising ways that you can build your idea muscle and boost creativity. Backed by science, they're all fun too. Listen in, and you’ll learn why creativity is important to your success, how exercise fuels our brains, how simply getting outdoors can free up our mental resources, how you can use daily lists to build your idea muscle, and why reading fiction is a surprising way to stretch your imagination.

What is a Habit Recipe? (And Why You Need One If You Want to Be Free)

Escaping whatever you feel has you trapped won’t make you happy. Making more money, leaving your spouse, quitting your job, or moving to a different city won’t turn your life around. In fact, it will probably make it worse. It’s the same reason most lottery winners and pro athletes are bankrupt after a few years. It’s the same reason divorced people are more likely to get divorced over and over again. It’s the same reason your last few jobs have been miserable and your last several diets have failed. Instead of changing what’s going on around us, we’ve got to get to work changing what’s going on inside us. Freedom isn’t the absence of discipline. It’s having complete trust in your own self-guidance. Unless you can confidently manage yourself, you’ll always look for a boss to tell you what to do. Unless you can trust your financial habits, you’ll never have enough money. Unless you can win the daily battles with procrastination and fear, you’ll always look for ways to escape the regret that plagues you. Unless you are daring to live an adventurous story, you'll feel like life is meaningless and boring. Unless you can select healthy foods that nourish your body, you’ll always be burdened with fatigue and disease. How do we guide ourselves? Through our habits. After reading hundreds of books, I decided that successful people are not much different than you and me - with one exception. In nearly every case, they have purposefully crafted successful habits. They have become Master Chefs, crafting their ideal habit recipes and carefully selecting each ingredient. One year ago, I embarked upon a quest to get 1,000 successful people to reveal their habits. The first 32 include historical figures, a few prominent leaders, lots of friends from WDS and other online circles, a handful of mentors from my local community, my Dad and Nana, and even Jesus. As I study this sampling, five key themes emerge.

On Being a Life Champion with Liza Wisner

Three years ago, I learned of Liza Wisner through her participation in season 10 of The Apprentice. When she returned to Corpus Christi, I enjoyed watching how she utilized her "fame" to serve our community and her native Kenya. We were introduced by a mutual friend and have kept in touch ever since. Often, we make excuses for why we can't pursue our dreams. (I know I have.) "They won't understand." "I can't do that and have a family." "I already have a job - when will I have time to build a business?" I wanted to share Liza's profile because she shatters all of those myths. She reminds me that if you're clear about your goals and willing to work smart - and hard, there's no such thing as impossible. She chooses herself each and every day.