We’re all looking for the next big thing, the idea or invention that will propel us to success. It’s taken me a decade, but I think I finally get it.

Here’s the secret: There is no “one thing.” It doesn’t exist, and it never will.

At first, that seems like bad news – like our bubble just popped. But it’s not. It’s actually really good news. It means we can stop waiting and searching. We can just start where we are, with the ideas we have, taking small steps every day. It’s so much simpler.

Think about it this way: Business is pushups.

1. You get out of it what you put into it. You can’t buy more pushups. You can’t fake it.

2. You can have better form. With practice and with mentors, you can get better results.

3. Once you make the commitment, it’s easy to figure out how to do it. It’s really not that complicated.

4. It takes time. Just as you won’t go from 0 to 100 pushups in the same day, you don’t have to close every sale immediately either.

I’ll admit this is incredibly different than the way I used to think. Over the last few years, I realized that the old scripts weren’t effective, but I hadn’t quite found the new ones to replace them. I think I just did – and it only took an hour.

If you’re still looking for answers too, listen in to this insightful presentation from Gary Vaynerchuk. For me, it was like putting in a new pair of contacts. There’s that instant where the world goes from fuzzy to crystal clear. It’s simply stunning.