As I looked through my albums, I realized that my most memorable experiences of the year were often encapsulated perfectly with a picture. Instead of a written recap, I thought I’d share a visual one.

Here are some of my boldest memories of 2010 (minus the ones with the kiddos):

01/01/10: New Year, New Shoes

02/10/10: 3eWerks is Born

02/26/10: Seeing Worlds Collide at Tim Ferriss’s Party in San Fran

03/27/10: A Generation Reunited after 15+ years (my Dad in the middle)

04/25/10: After the Yazoo City Tornado

05/02/10: Warrior Dash

05/07/10: My Sis graduates from Univ. of Colorado Law School

06/30/10: Jungle-hopping in Puerto Rico

07/10/10: The Tattoo

08/15/10: Completed the San Diego Half-Marathon

10/17/10: And the Harbor Half

10/20/2010: Adopting Sissy

11/18/2010: Unconventional Book Tour comes to Houston

12/09/10: My First Meal (learning to cook)

What are your favorite memories from this past year?