WOD #21

During the first part of this month, we explored Solomon’s wisdom in detail, reminding ourselves of why it is so important. Then, we learned why our fear of shame and vulnerability often stops our purpose in its tracks.

If we believe that we’re called for a specific purpose, then we ought to be doing all we can to share our gifts with the world.

For the next several days, we’ll explore several practical, proven methods for feeling the fear and moving forward anyway. Author Jonathan Fields calls this becoming a “fear alchemist,” and we’ll take this journey together – step by step.


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What If?

What if, unlike John Winsor and Sebastian Junger, you lust after the quest to create but have not yet discovered how to lean into fear? What if the uncertainty, risk, and exposure to judgment that give rise to fear and anxiety make you not want to create but to vomit? What if it shuts you and your creative quests down? Can you teach yourself to be a fear alchemist, and in doing so, develop the ability to tap into the fuel side of fear to create on a whole different level?

Many creators and innovators feel called to create but are not well equipped to handle the angst of doing it on a high level over a sustained period of time. Because of this, many walk away from the call, trading creation for calm. But others end up building risk, exposure, and uncertainy “scaffolding.” They adopt practices and structures around the way they work and how they live in the world that allow them to cultivate enough head space and baseline calm to keep pushing the envelope of creation without losing their minds. Like the fabled medieval alchemists, who were said to be equipped with a secret elixir that turned everyday metals into gold, these creators train themselves to transform uncertainty, fear, and doubt into fuel for creation. They’re becoming fear alchemists, often without even realizing what they’re doing.

You can too.


Today’s Quote:

“Each moment of our life, we either invoke or destroy our dreams.”

-Stuart Wilde

Today’s Affirmation:

Today, I will practice feeling the fear and choosing to move forward anyway. I will do one thing that scares me.

Today’s Verse:

  All day long he craves for more, but the righteous give without sparing.

Proverbs 21:26