Morning Momentum

Morning Momentum Coaching

When This Must Be Your Best Month Ever

Our Plan:

Each morning, we’ll get clear on what must be accomplished and look ahead to anticipate any obstacles.

Together, we’ll ensure each day is successful.

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Want Results Now?

We’ll get started with a 90-minute planning session to be sure we know exactly what your goals are and how we’ll get there. We’ll also break the process down into weekly plans, and have a 60-minute calls each week to ensure we’re achieving the major milestones.

Each evening, you’ll answer a short daily reflection to capture successes and identify opportunities. Each morning, we’ll follow up on the insights from the day before, lock in the plan for the day, and anticipate any obstacles that could arise.

With this system, we’ll eliminate any excuses or feelings of being stuck. In order to provide full focus, I am only offering this opportunity up to maximum of 3 clients by application only.

This opportunity is not for everyone. It requires a significant investment of both time and resources. If you think this is exactly the support you need, please submit your application below.

Get Started Building Your Habit Recipe Today!

I’m offering this very limited, daily one-on-one coaching opportunity for $2,000 per month.

This isn’t for you unless you’re ready to make this your best month ever. It will be intense. I’m relentless about helping clients achieve their goals.

What Are My Coaching Clients Saying…

“Kendra was great. She kept me on track with my goals daily and offered intuitive advice on next step action plans. She’s a good soul!!! Thank you Kendra!”
“Kendra was excellent in checking in and helping me achieve some sort of balance and accountability for my work. Highly recommend!”
“Kendra is great – really targeted, personalized coaching – despite me being in a different industry, and based in Asia. Highly recommended.”
“Kendra was so supportive and encouraging at a time when I just felt totally overwhelmed with everything going on. It’s hard to change any habit by yourself and so having someone to coach, encourage, and hold you accountable is awesome in helping you feel like and actually see that you’re making real progress!”