You can choose to be a great leader.

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You want to live up to your potential. You want to make a difference for those around you.

But you constantly feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Or that you’re neglecting your family, your health, or your work. Or sometimes all three.

You’re not alone.

Every leader faces the gauntlet at some point. Maybe it’s our first time as a manager. Maybe it’s when our team expands beyond just a few folks. Maybe it’s when our boss leaves abruptly, and we have to step in. Or maybe it’s when we decide to stop sacrificing our health or our family.

No matter where you are in the journey, there’s a playbook that can help.

You don’t have to keep struggling by yourself. There’s another way.

After coaching over 1,000 clients, I know there’s a proven set of skills that sets strong leaders apart. And they can all be learned.

  • Waking up refreshed and on track

  • Enjoying a morning routine that supports your health and family

  • Setting priorities for your day so you feel organized

  • Having effective meetings that don’t waste your time

  • Leading your team so they love getting the job done

  • Ending the day on time and with a plan

  • Using reflection to continually learn and adapt

  • Developing the confidence to keep getting better

There’s two keys to success: your commitment to growing, and a straightforward program that supports you along the way.

Each week, you’ll learn a new leadership “play” – a principle or action that will make you a more effective leader. You’ll receive a video lesson and detailed guide with all the specifics. In our closed group, you’ll be able to practice and discuss the play, ensuring that you can execute it with confidence.

And when you join, you’ll have access to the full playbook and first access to new ones each Monday.

Here’s an example from our series of plays on morning routines.

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