Leadership Coaching

Do you feel stuck, tired, or overwhelmed with responsibility?

It doesn’t have to feel that way.

Want to live up to your potential and make a difference for those around you?

You Can.

I believe leaders can learn to live and lead at their best. If your standard reply to “How are you?” is “Busy,” we need to work together. By developing a system to identify and execute on your priorities, we can help you take back your life.

How Does Leadership Coaching Work?

First, we’ll start right where you are, focused on getting you unstuck and building momentum.

Then, we’ll work together to get clear on your goals, and I’ll develop a personalized coaching strategy to reach them. We’ll schedule biweekly coaching calls for accountability, motivation, and troubleshooting.

Next, we’ll build the core set of skills that separates good leaders from great ones. These skills are easy to understand, and you’ll need to be intentional about developing them.

Set Priorities

You can do everything, just not all at once.

We’ll identify and execute your priorities by giving your commitments a fresh perspective.

You’ll determine what energizes you and what drains you.

Morning Routine

Our mornings are the foundation for our days. If we get them on track, the rest of our day will be too. Layer by layer, we’ll build a routine that gives you a great start.

We’ll get you primed for success with meditation, movement, visualization, and a focus on your priorities.

Reflect and Adjust

The way we close the day is just as important as how we start. With 15 focused minutes, we can take your leadership to new heights. The key is asking yourself a series of questions and writing down your answers. I’ll help you craft the questions that provide the insights that propel you forward.

Take Back Your Life

Are you ready to take the first step towards success?

Sign up here, and we’ll schedule our initial kickoff call to get you moving forward quickly.

For $400 per month, you’ll receive daily chat coaching and bi-weekly coaching calls to ensure we keep that momentum.