When I started uncovering the power of habits many years ago, I dreamed of finding a way to reinforce habit-building with technology and community.

Then I found

It’s fantastic and keeps getting better. So I use it as my platform for coaching.

I help people and businesses achieve excellence by developing habits for effective leadership. I believe there’s a unique recipe that will allow you to live and work at your best and that habits are the secret weapons that help us achieve excellence as leaders. I’m here to help you find the recipe to reach your full potential.

There’s a core set of skills that set good leaders apart from great ones. These core skills are relatively easy to adopt – but you’ll need to be intentional about developing them.

lift_excerptWe’ll start with where you are, and build momentum step-by-step. You’ll receive personalized chat-based coaching to guide your development journey. We can also schedule phone calls for extra accountability or to prepare for key moments.

Your investment is $14.99/week, and you can try the first week for free using the promotion code COACHWEEK.

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What others have to say about our coaching:

“I’m very grateful for Kendra’s help in my jump start towards becoming an amazing leader. She regularly sent over links to talks and book referrals that aligned with my goals and kept me on track to think of Leadership on a daily basis. Her kind words proved very helpful on days where I would find myself less motivated or especially hard on myself. Kendra encouraged simple, but powerful changes to bring me in better touch with coworkers and family members. I was eventually recognized in my company for my leadership efforts and I recently received a promotion! Woohoo! Thanks Kendra!” – Jenny F.

“Kendra helped me with a project that I’ve been wanting to complete for the last few months. But wanting is not enough. Thanks to her coaching, she got me focused once again, helped me structure my priorities and pushed me to take action and what’s more when I was down, she kept me on track. Today, I’m ahead of schedule… accomplished something that I never honestly thought I’d get around to doing. Even my friends were surprised at my progress. Should you get her to coach you? Why ask that question… go for it!” – Jose M.

“Kendra helped me implement a daily routine to support habit-building and self-improvement. After a couple of months, remembering my purpose, scheduling and adhering to ‘focus time’ at work, having some quiet time, and creating ‘finish lines’ at work and home have become second nature and effortless. Now I feel far more confident to create habits around diet and exercise, with these basic supports in place. Kendra is in contact every day. I chose her as a coach as I felt she made me think more than the others I tried, and she continued to ask provoking questions, recommend good articles and podcasts, and made the effort to look at material I was reading at that time. Would absolutely recommend Kendra!” – Paul L.

“As someone who always has a lot of different projects going on, and a very busy lifestyle, I began working with Kendra in order to get some help with goalsetting and accountability – to help me get the right things done, work out priorities, and occasionally give me a sanity check, which has been so incredibly valuable! Kendra also helped me implement a new way to plan and organise my time, making me more productive and less stressed. Overall though, I’d say the main benefit has been the clarity which has come out of our text and Skype conversations – I am just so much clearer on my priorities, and, because of that, far less likely to procrastinate due to confusion and over-thinking. Our relationship has been so valuable to me already, and I think that will only increase as we continue to work together. Kendra has my highest recommendation and if you’re a person who needs better focus, improve productivity or just get some clarity, you should definitely speak with Kendra.” – Ronan M.

“Kendra is amazing! She didn’t just use a one size fits all approach, but instead, looked at my goals and helped me formulate a plan to get me moving towards them. I’m very thankful for the guidance she is giving me and for the progress I’m making thanks to her!” – Brandi B.

“Kendra helped me to identify my real goal. She asks the right questions, that take me some time to answer because I have to constantly reflect on what it is what I want to do. She also provided me with useful pointers to high quality online resources. I consider it a privilege to have her as my coach.” – Rudolf S.

“Kendra is an outstanding coach. She is sharp, empathetic, knowledgeable and very client focused. She has been helping me with advice on how to free up time, work smarter, and be a better leader. She not only asks the right questions, to make me constantly reflect on where improvements can be made, but has also provided me with useful pointers to high quality online resources. I consider it a privilege to have her as my coach. She is certainly one of the best coaches I have come across.” – Randeep S.

“My biweekly coaching calls with Kendra have been truly transformational for my entire business team. Kendra’s fresh insights, perceptive analysis not only have made me a better executive, but have also helped me give my business the laser focus it has needed to take us to the next level. Kendra has exceeded my highest expectations!” – Dan M.

Never did I imagine to learn this much from speaking to Kendra each week. I am so grateful for her time and guidance!  This is truly life changing and now it’s exciting to be on this journey feeling alive and the best part is we get to teach our kids all of this great stuff at an early age so they won’t need to spend half their life fixing things like I am doing now.” – Beth C.

Kendra is part behavioural change enthusiast, part personal-development content curator and part self-experimenter. She delivers invaluable, easy-to-digest, high-impact messages to upgrade your daily behaviour to be in line with your self-improvement goals and overall vision for yourself. Her interviews offer an insight into the blow-by-blow accounts from people who have been through their own personal transformations and allow you the ability apply any key behaviours that you wish to adapt as part of your own developing set of standards.”- Guy M.