When you first thought about becoming a leader, you imagined all the progress you could make …

Getting the business to grow and run more smoothly, helping people, and changing policies so that they made sense. But your dreams were quickly stalled when you realized how many more problems and red tape you’d have to navigate first. You barely have enough time to see your family, your health is getting worse, and those dreams of making a difference feel like a distant memory.

There are lots of places to turn for help, but few of them know exactly what it’s like to be in the trenches.

After more than a decade in the C-suite, I can help you navigate the leadership landmines so they don’t explode in your lap. You can avoid burnout, minimize health scares, and build a resilient team that can thrive through volatility.

In 2007, I landed in my first significant leadership role. It was amazing. CFO of a $4 million company that multiplied itself many times over in the coming years. We built an exceptional team, and I was constantly traveling.

Perhaps you can predict what comes next.

It almost destroyed me. My weight ballooned by more than 30 pounds. I had all sorts of odd health problems. I was exhausted and cranky, and I wasn’t very good at preventing the stress from rolling down to my teams. Within a few years, I knew I had to step away and regroup.

It was humbling, and I felt like I’d failed. I promised myself that I would be better prepared for the next opportunity. I attended dozens of conferences, read hundreds of books, listened to over 500 hours of podcast interviews, and assembled a team of mentors that I could call upon for advice.

In late 2010, I reconnected with a company I’d worked with before and soon joined their team in the senior finance role. After Port Royal went through several General Managers in a short time, I was promoted to that position in 2013. After navigating jam-packed summers, extensive remodels to our pool area, Hurricane Harvey, and COVID, I stepped down in December 2020 – having the second longest leadership tenure in the history of the organization.

Since then, I’ve focused on helping founders and executives scale and lead their businesses. 

I believe that we can learn to live and lead at our best. In fact, I know that’s true.

There’s a core set of skills that sets strong leaders apart from the rest. These core skills can be practiced – but you’ll need to be intentional about developing them. Layer by layer, you can build the habits that will support you in reaching your leadership potential.

Here’s my Leadership Essentials series with my best tips for getting started:

If this sounds helpful and you’d like more support, I’d be honored to be your coach.

After helping over a thousand clients, I’ve developed packages for each stage of the journey: a Leadership Playbook to systematically build your skills, added coaching calls for fine-tuning your schedule and communication rhythms, and intensive daily support for when it matters most. 

To get started, register for a complimentary session in the Leadership Lab

Together, we can navigate your leadership opportunity – whether it’s a current crisis that you’re facing, an emerging challenge that you want to prepare for, or exploring new skills that you’d like to develop.