Work With Me

In working with over 1,500 clients, I’ve learned that clients are generally served best through a biweekly rhythm. If you’d prefer a more intensive approach, I also offer a six-week package.

Leadership Coaching – Biweekly ($600/mo)

There’s a core set of skills that sets strong leaders apart from the rest. These core skills can be practiced – but you’ll need to be intentional about developing them.

Are you in the midst of a leadership challenge?

Do you want to be prepared for the next one?

Or brainstorm ideas on how to keep going in your leadership journey?

Together, we can navigate your leadership opportunity – whether it’s a current crisis that you’re facing, an emerging challenge that you want to prepare for, or exploring new skills that you’d like to develop.

First, we’ll start right where you are, focused on getting you unstuck and building momentum.

Then, we’ll work together to get clear on your milestones, and I’ll develop a personalized coaching strategy to reach them. We’ll schedule biweekly coaching calls for accountability, motivation, and troubleshooting.

I started my first business in 2002 as a young CPA and have had the privilege of experiencing corporate leadership of every variety – fast growth, unexpected downturns, natural disasters, litigation, generational successions, and lots in between. I’ve also gained wisdom and insights from coaching over 1,300 clients and over 200 impactful leaders in the last decade. I’ve seen the powerful benefits of coaching and celebrated lots of incredible achievements with clients.

If this resonates with you, let’s get started.

Six Week Intensive Program – $850

If you’re looking for a kickstart to develop core momentum, this package is for you.

In an initial call, we’ll get clarity on your project or challenge and outline the key milestones.

Then, for six focused weeks, we’ll concentrate on execution, supported by weekly strategy and accountability calls.

If you’re ready, let’s get moving forward!